Women Executives (WE) is a diverse group of accomplished women who support and nurture each other's personal and career growth.  WE provides a forum for professional interactions, sponsors programs for professional growth, and encourages its members to develop their leadership potential and serve the community.  The goal of WE is to be an organization that is representative of leaders in the business, professional, educational and non-profit community of Charlotte.  Membership in WE is by invitation only through a sponsored application process.

WE President

Wendy Laxton

Women Executives:  Synergy
"Synergy" is one of my favorite words.  It feels good to say; it implies positive energy, and it Wendy Laxtonjust simply resonates with me.  In the simplest of terms, Synergy means the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its individual parts.  The origin comes from the Greek word synergos, which means "working together." Synergy can even be represented by a mathematical formula:  1 + 1 = 3.


WINGS Scholarship and WECS NEWS

"Our Vision. Our Promise. Our WINGS Future." 
WINGS Spring Scholar Event

"It was a pleasure and a joy to be with other scholars and
 WE members who invest in serving the greater good. I feel so blessed to have been chosen and look forward to the next time
 I get to be around such amazing women."

 - Toni Cordell, CPCC 2015 WINGS Scholar
"Getting to know you" was the theme of the 2015 Spring Scholar Event, held on Sunday, April 19 at the lovely home of WE member Patti Tracey. Twenty-three women (including 14 WINGS scholars) gathered to make connections and share stories of inspiration, strength and hope.
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