Women Executives (WE) is a diverse group of accomplished women who support and nurture each other's personal and career growth.  WE provides a forum for professional interactions, sponsors programs for professional growth, and encourages its members to develop their leadership potential and serve the community.  The goal of WE is to be an organization that is representative of leaders in the business, professional, educational and non-profit community of Charlotte.  Membership in WE is by invitation only through a sponsored application process.

WE President

Wendy Laxton

Women Executives:  Synergy
"Synergy" is one of my favorite words.  It feels good to say; it implies positive energy, and it Wendy Laxtonjust simply resonates with me.  In the simplest of terms, Synergy means the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its individual parts.  The origin comes from the Greek word synergos, which means "working together." Synergy can even be represented by a mathematical formula:  1 + 1 = 3.

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The Origin of WECS

WECS and WINGS: a walk down memory lane.
Did you know that the non-profit arm of WE, Women Executives for Community Service, got its start in 1987? Or that the first initiative was a series of speaking contests called "Speak Out"?

Join Claire Lawrence for this overview of WECS and how our WINGS scholarship program took flight in 1995. It will warm your heart and remind you why WINGS is so special!

WINGS Scholarship and WECS NEWS

"Our Vision. Our Promise. Our WINGS Future." 
Fall Scholars' Event
Our October 25 WINGS event at Brio was one of our best attended yet! Scholars, mentors, and WECS board members were treated to an interactive presentation by WE's own Ann Allen Adams, one of the very first mentors in our WINGS program.
Ann's topic was "Building Your Professional Network and More." As a motivational speaker and consultant, Ann led a lively discussion that had everyone talking (and eating cookies!) Special thanks to Ann and to Emily Pusic for coordinating this outstanding event!
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