Women Executives (WE) is a diverse group of accomplished women who support and nurture each other's personal and career growth.  WE provides a forum for professional interactions, sponsors programs for professional growth, and encourages its members to develop their leadership potential and serve the community.  The goal of WE is to be an organization that is representative of leaders in the business, professional, educational and non-profit community of Charlotte.  Membership in WE is by invitation only through a sponsored application process.

WE President

Women Executives:  Women of Vision
I am honored to serve as president, and I am humbled by the extraordinary leaders who served before me.  I am aware of the privilege to represent such esteemed women leaders who have made and continue to make contributions to their businesses, their families, and our community every day. 


WINGS Scholarship and WECS NEWS

"Our Vision. Our Promise. Our WINGS Future." 
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Join us for a Mentor Training Session in September (based on the book Bridges Out of Poverty).
September 8 & 19 and September 20 & 22
Cindy Quinlan (President of the WECS/WINGS board) and Lindsay Daniel  (Mentor Chair) want to extend this educational opportunity to you to join us in September for this formal training along with our existing mentors.  The cost to you would be $20 for both sessions (6 hours total) plus the cost of the book Bridges Out of Proverty ($20) if you so choose to purchase it. 
Why are we doing this?
As we have looked to evolve and improve our already successful WINGS mentoring program, we have realized that a more formal training is a valuable part of what we are missing.  Understanding the mind set of our scholars is important to do the best job possible (for our mentors, our WECS board, and WE members).  This will help us all to build a better foundation of trust and understanding to help our scholars not only succeed in accomplishing her goal of getting a degree, but succeed in life after college.  This program is a community builder!  We hope you will join us!

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